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Half Weasel Edition

 950.00 EUR


Painted reused plastics, ceramic and textiles over MDF with printed vinyl.

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

37 x 28 x 3

2.2 kg


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Available 10th of March 11 AM GMT

Special edition, signed and numbered (composed of 10 artist proofs and 90 copies), manufactured based on a technique developed by Bordalo II to reproduce mechanically and in 3D format, an edition that conveys the plasticity of his work. The piece is made from a disassembled original artwork, copied and reproduced in MDF, vinyl, ceramic, fabric, machine cut plastic from end-of-life recycling containers, and painted. The assembly of each copy was done manually and, therefore, no copy of the Edition is identical to the rest. AP - The artist’s proofs were made from the first ceramic tests, and from the first cut materials, which had unique interventions by the artist due the undergoing fine tuning of the process.