Lighted Plastic Jellyfish in Europa Building for the Portuguese Presidency Semester in the EU

January 5, 2021
Bordalo II

Lighted Jelly Fish, 2020

from the series of works Big Trash Animals - Lighted Plastic

Although the original focus of the artwork - waste and it's contamination at a global level, this one approaches, more specifically, the ocean waste pollution problematic, which affects not only the marine species but also the Animal Man and its food chain.

Despite the success in captivating public’s attention, the Big Trash Animals are often obfuscated by the hundreds of billboards and lighted publicity which lead to the new subseries – Lighted Plastic.We’re glazed and time stops, like a cat, dazzled and seeing patterns, colours, different intensities blinking and shooting into our brains. Butwith great artistic potential. In this case, it is an upgrade to add the plastic waste, to give artworksmore contrast in a world where they are almost swallowed by the immense and ever so flashy advertising ways... The work now becomes a sheep in disguise in the middle of the wolves, using a similar approach the “enemy” is using but being that it’s not selling anything, just passing the core ideas already defended in the original series Big Trash Animals

This work was in exhibition at Europa Building in Brussels for the Portuguese Presidency Semester in the EU and is now part of the Contemporary Art Collection of the Republic of Portugal.