New Release | Baby Lynx Special Edition

October 25, 2023
Miguel Portelinha

Special edition, signed and numbered (20 Artist Proofs + 320 copies)

These pieces are made from an original artwork, which was disassembled, copied and reproduced using a technique created by Bordalo II, to mechanically replicate in 3D an Edition that transpires the plasticity of his work. It uses different materials such as MDF vinyl, ceramics, textiles and plastics from end-of-life trash containers, cut and painted. The assembly of every copy has been made by hand and, therefore, they all have little diferences between them.

The Artist Proofs were produced from the first ceramic tests and the first plastic cuts. For this reason, they had special and unique interventions by Bordalo II, like for example, diferent colour schemes.

10% of the net profits will go to help provide impartial medical humanitarian assistance to people in critical need. We'll share the details of the chosen organization on our social media.

>> Baby Lynx will be availabl on November 8th, 11AM GMT